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Tell Black Children About These Careers

Segregation hurts Black communities but not always in the way you think it does. The most potent form of segregation today is, arguably, the segregation of information. What you don’t know can actually hurt you. Black children are competing in a global economy but if they had better information, the game might be a little less challenging. We know about teaching, medicine and law, but there are so many other lucrative career paths that are accessible to Black children, if they only knew they existed. 

Most children know that voting takes place every four years or so but they’d be shocked to find out that there is a multi-billion dollar industry tied to politics. Those jobs can’t easily be outsourced to China, either. Two Senate runoffs in Georgia, alone, racked up nearly $1 billion in expenditures during the 2020 election cycle. Where do you think it all went? Political consulting firms are hired to run campaigns, create strategies and even hire staff. Other firms specialize in doing media buying and even social media for political organizations. It’s not uncommon for young people to begin doing campaign work by knocking on doors (which doesn’t require a high school diploma) and over time, gain enough expertise to become a political consultant or campaign director. Democrats and Republicans need Black faces to help them reach diverse audiences and it’s not uncommon to make $5,000 a month after just a few campaigns. From there the money goes up and not just a little. Take a hard look at a career in politics.

Radiation Therapists have an annual median salary of over $80,000. Many companies will hire you with just a certificate, even if you don’t have an associates degree. These medical professionals are a part of the healthcare teams called in to treat cancer. They operate the machines that deliver concentrated radiation therapy to a patient’s tumor. In addition, Radiation Therapists help explain treatment plans to patients, determine the region of the body receiving treatment, and check for unusual reactions. While unfortunate, healthcare will continue to be a major economic driver and cancer, despite all the gains in medical research, shows no signs of extinction. This is not only a lucrative and stable career but one that looks to be on the rise for the foreseeable future. 

Insurance Claims Adjusters can expect to make over $60,000 annually and a great deal more, with time. Claims adjusters evaluate insurance claims to determine the liability of insurance companies. No degree is necessary to be an adjuster and some states don’t even require a license. Still, it’s a very important job and one that gives a young person the feeling of being a real professional. The insurance industry is one of the oldest and most lucrative in the world. It provides a stable career path and exposure to a variety of other industries and opportunities. After all, every other industry must interact with the insurance industry. 

Black children will only pursue the opportunities that they become aware of. If they only know about law, medicine, music and civil service, they’ll never access the many other opportunities available. The community must take on the responsibility of becoming aware of the other pathways that exist and passing on the knowledge. The information gap, after all, is a real killer.

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