BLK Insurance: Protect Black Wealth

The Financial Benefits of Car Insurance: Protecting Your Wallet

Car ownership offers independence, convenience, and risks. Accidents, thefts, and unforeseen incidents can cost vehicle owners financially and emotionally. Car insurance helps. Car insurance protects your valued asset, mitigates financial risks, and gives you piece of mind in unpredictable times. This blog post will discuss the many benefits of automobile insurance and why every car owner needs it.

Understanding Health Insurance

Health insurance is an essential part of financial planning and protection against medical expenses that may arise due to illness, injury, or accidents. A health insurance policy acts as a contract between a policyholder and a health insurance agency, where the agency agrees to cover a portion or all the insured person’s medical expenses in […]

Why You Need Homeowners Insurance

A homeowners insurance policy normally insures your home’s physical structure and your belongings if something terrible happens (think fire). According to the Insurance Information Institute, homeowners insurance policies generally include legal protections against injuries and property damage to others caused by you or members of your family (this could even include your pets).  If you […]

What You Need To Know About Business Insurance

Driving without car insurance is dangerous but so is running a business without business insurance. Insurance helps entrepreneurs when they lose business income or when (God forbid) they’re hit with a lawsuit. Business insurance steps in if your property is damaged or when various other losses are incurred. A general liability policy might be sufficient […]

What Black People Need To Know About Car Insurance

The less white your zip code, the more you’ll often pay for car insurance. MoneyGeek analyzed 1,648 ZIP codes in 69 cities across the U.S and found that the problem is massive. In fact, in a great number of cities living in a “diverse” zip code can have a negative impact on your car insurance […]

Everything You Need to Know about the Benefits of Health Insurance

“Health is wealth” but without proper Health Insurance, maintaining your health over time is nearly impossible. The internet is full of information but let’s make this simple and focus on what you and your family need to know about Health Insurance.  You Definitely Need Health Insurance Health Insurance is a must, period! You may think […]

Health Insurance Can Save Black Businesses

Black business owners average $18,000 in medical debit, a number far higher than national averages. The Intuit QuickBooks Black Business Health Survey polled 4,000 business owners, employees, and self-employed people. In addition to the $18,000 medical debt average, the survey revealed that 37% of Black entrepreneurs don’t believe they’ll be able to pay back the […]

Your Business Needs To Be MBE Certified

Is your business MBE certified? You are missing out on major money, if not. Companies get big because their customers get bigger and the biggest of them all is the government. It's time to step up to the big leagues and get MBE certified.

Black Businesses Carry Too Much Risk

Opening a business is risky enough, there's no need to take on unnecesary risks. A number of insurance products can help Black entrepreneurs mitigate risk and focus on profits.

The Black Psychiatrist Taking Over Forensics

Dr. Sarah Vinson is an HBUC grad who opened her own medical practice. She saw an opportunity to build a second business in forensic mental health and now attorneys across the country are seeking out her company.

Insurance Companies Killed Black Wall Street

When Tulsa's Black Wall Street was destroyed by white mobs, insurers refused to pay out legitimate claims, making it impossible for many to bounce back.

How To Close The Wealth Gap In One Generation

What if every Black child started life with at least $1 million? We know about the Black wealth gap but we also know there's a solution.

What If Health Insurance Doesn’t Cover It All?

These products can make up the difference when health insurance falls short.

How To Pay For Mental Healthcare

Your loved one needs mental health care, here's how insurance can help you pay for it.

Tax Strategies For Black Families

Black families have unique financial needs and that means unique tax strategies.

Your Parents Are Blocking Your Wealth

Young Black professionals start from behind, in part because they're expected to support their parents.

Hidden Life Insurance Benefits You Won’t Believe Exist

You don't have to wait until you pass for life insurance benefits to kick in. Your family needs to be protected now.

We Don’t Need More Black Entrepreneurs

People on social media keep preaching that the road to independence is entrepreneurship but a regular 9 to 5 still holds value.

Black Politicians Are Failing

Government contracts are enriching everyone but Black people. Still, Black politicians are focusing on everything but.

Black Entrepreneurs Need To Do Better

Black entrepreneurs ask us to "buy Black" but we have a few things we'd like to ask of them in return.

We Need More Gentrification, Not Less

Gentrification is mostly thought of as something happening to Black people but it should be something Black people are actively doing.

Black Women Need More From Marriage

"Black Love" is the goal and that means marriage...or does it? If marriage is to remain viable, Black women need more.

The Downside Of Living In A Black Neighborhood

Homeownership is about building equity and wealth but that's always harder when you live in a Black neighborhood.

Tell Black Children About These Careers

Doctor and laywer aren't the only good jobs. Black children need to be exposed to the many lucrative careers seldom discussed in our community.

The Trap Of Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion helps Black individuals but by design it can’t deliver equity for Black people.

How Do We Solve The Problem Of Violence?

Violent crime is way up but instead of attacking the problem directly, we keep allowing politicians to change the subject.