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How To Pay For Mental Healthcare

Mental health is critical to overall wellbeing and quality of life but how do you pay for it? You can’t be truly healthy if your mind isn’t and that’s why accessing quality mental healthcare is no longer optional. If Black families don’t talk enough about mental health, paying for it is a conversation that most certainly isn’t being had. 

Don’t choose a healthcare plan that doesn’t include provisions for mental healthcare. That’s actually not as difficult as you might believe because the world has changed, fortunately. Healthcare today is seen through a much more holistic lens than ever before, a fact evident by the offerings of health insurers. The Affordable Care Act, for example, mandates certain standards for all health plans and mental healthcare is definitely included in that. You’ll likely have a copay with these plans but that’s much more feasible than the hundreds per hour a therapist or counselor would otherwise cost you. 

If you work for a large company you’re in luck. Most larger employers have an employee assistance program. In fact, many are required to provide it by law. These programs offer a limited number of sessions with a mental health professional each year. It’s limited but it’s free and will allow you some care before you have to begin utilizing your regular health benefits. Those benefits will range considerably based on a number of factors. The critical thing is to make sure that before you enroll in a plan at work, you take a hard look at the mental health provisions being offered. 

Copays, doctor visits and provider networks aren’t the only things you should be aware of when choosing a health plan. Mental health is also wealth and fortunately, many plans offer great benefits. Make mental health a priority before you enroll and be sure to use the benefits that you have. 

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