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Everything You Need to Know about the Benefits of Health Insurance

“Health is wealth” but without proper Health Insurance, maintaining your health over time is nearly impossible. The internet is full of information but let’s make this simple and focus on what you and your family need to know about Health Insurance. 

You Definitely Need Health Insurance

Health Insurance is a must, period! You may think you can get by without it but The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that over 90% of the U.S. population will be confronted with some health condition during their lifetime. It could be the obvious, such as the 59 million people who’ve been diagnosed with cancer. On the other hand, close to 20 million people have a diagnosed mental health condition. Millions more end up in hospitals every year due to injury. The data is clear, at some point you will need a medical professional to assist you or a member of your household. 

So What Exactly is Health Insurance? 

Health Insurance is a contract between you or your family and an insurance company that, in the case of injury or some other health condition, provides some financial protection. Health Insurance may cover medical care, prescription drugs, laboratory services, and  inpatient/outpatient treatment. Health Insurance may also cover some transportation and other services. From the routine checkups to the costs associated with complex medical procedures, health Insurance provides critical financial protections to keep you going. It also enables medical professionals to provide preventive medical care which is crucial to good long term health outcomes.

Types of Health Insurance 

Health Insurance falls into three main categories: traditional, Medicare Advantage, and  Medicare Supplement. Traditional Health Insurance is generally offered by an insurance company or some other commercial enterprise. Most people access it through their employer. Consumers usually select their own Health Insurance provider and which plan works best for them or their family. Medicare Advantage coverage is a private Health Insurance program offered by a Medicare+ Choice plan or a Medicare+ Original plan. Medicare Advantage coverage is an insurance program that combines original Medicare (Parts A and B) with a supplemental health plan (Part C). 

At the End of the Day

If Health Insurance isn’t a big part of your life, chances are it will be soon.  Health Insurance prevents financial ruin in the cases of illness or an injury. If you’re uninsured or underinsured, you literally can’t afford to be. Fortunately, BLK Insurance has agencies across the country who are eager to help you and your family get covered! They can help enroll you in Medicaid or sign up for an Exchange. Our agencies can also shop for the best individual Health Insurance plan for you and your family. Find a Black owned Health Insurance agency today and get covered. 

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