BLK Insurance: Protect Black Wealth

Skydiving is risky but doing so without a parachute is downright insane. That’s precisely what many Black entrepreneurs are doing each and every day: running an uninsured or underinsured business. Entrepreneurship is the ultimate risk so why take on even more risk when you don’t have to? There are a variety of insurance products designed specifically to mitigate many of the common risks businesses like yours face and it’s time to utilize them. 

What happens if you, as a business owner, get injured and can’t show up to work? If you don’t have the proper insurance policies to cover your business, you won’t have an income and the reputation of your business will suffer immensely. If another pandemic strikes and your business is forced to shut down, how will you pay the bills? There are a host of business insurance products that cover a litany of unforeseen circumstances but too many Black entrepreneurs are exposed. Black businesses can’t afford to continue operating with such risks. 

Black entrepreneurs are disproportionately undercapitalized and tight on resources. The overwhelming majority of Black owned businesses are sole proprietorships, after all. When things are tight you can’t afford for anything to go wrong but in business, things going wrong is almost a certainty. If you own an event space or promote parties, there’s a good chance that someone will get hurt at your event. If you bake cookies, it’s possible that, by no fault of your own, you may source a bad ingredient that leads to someone getting ill. The next time a protest gets out of hand and your business happens to be vandalized, what will you do? The world is a risky place so why not control the risks that you can? 

Black insurance agencies know you and your business best. They understand that cash flow may be limited by season or in general. They’ve dealt with hundreds of other businesses just like yours and understand what works best for you. Whatever your unique situation might be, they know the solutions that will work. Running a business is extremely risky, don’t take on more than you have to. Find a Black insurance agency today and allow them to handle those unforeseen risks that threaten your business. 

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